AEA announces winners of the Data Journalism Contest “All Eyes on the Amazon”
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In the framework of the program, we presented the “All Eyes on the Amazon” Data Journalism Contest, as an initiative to encourage the participation of journalists as content creators to give visibility to the threats faced by Indigenous peoples and local communities in the Amazon, and promote social awareness and impact.

The call was open from February 26 to August 1. We received 17 articles in Portuguese, English and Spanish, from 5 Latin American and European countries, published in recognized research media at regional and international levels.

After an internal evaluation process, 6 finalists were chosen, which were then evaluated by an external committee made up of journalists and representatives of research organizations, to determine the winners.

On September 10, we held an online Awards event to announce the winners.

First place: 

Photo: Thiago Miotto/CIMI

With Bolsonaro, farms are irregularly certified in indigenous lands of the Amazon

By: Bruno Fonseca, Rafael Oliveira

Agência Pública

Abstract: Cross data of private properties with Indigenous Lands that discover government-completed certified farms trespassing on IT, which lost protection under the new Funai standard. It also crosses statements of the Rural Environmental Registry to identify IT with land owners.

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Second place:

GIF: Agência Pública

Mining in indigenous land with name and surname

By: Anna Beatriz Anjos, Bruno Fonseca, Ciro Barros, José Cícero da Silva, Rafael Oliveira, Thiago Domenici

Agência Pública

Abstract: Unpublished data reveal an increase in mining investigation processes in 2019, reversing a downward trend in recent years. Among the potential beneficiaries are great political figures from Amazonas, mining cooperatives with partners involved in environmental crimes, a global mining magnate and even a São Paulo artist.

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Third place: 

Photo: Gleilson Miranda / Governo do Acre

Religious organizations map Indigenous peoples in Brazil and do not interrupt actions with isolated peoples even during the pandemic

By: Mariana Della Barba and Diego Toledo

Repórter Brasil

Abstract: How religious missions, many of them foreign, operate in Brazil, either trying to convert indigenous people or by mapping them. It lists foreign websites that offer job openings for evangelizers to work in villages and details the level of religious conversion of ethnic groups. 

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The winning journalists will receive a monetary prize of up to $ 2,500 dollars and their articles will be translated into Spanish and English and amplified through the program’s channels. 

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