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MAPEO: An innovative tool for rights defense

In the second episode of #SolutionsfortheAmazon, we spoke with Emily Jacobi, co-founder of Digital Democracy, a partner organization of the #AllEyesontheAmazon program

Mapeo is a set of digital tools that supports Indigenous peoples to map their territories without being limited by connectivity problems.

👉 It is accessible and adaptable
👉 It is easy to use
👉 It is built in collaboration with local actors

Learn more about MAPEO and what makes it an innovative solution for the Amazon.

Land Mapping

The second meeting of the thematic cycle on Land Defense Strategies took place on January 21, 2021, and was focused on Land Mapping. The meeting included the presentation of the Advances and Challenges in Mapping Waorani Ancestral Lands, in Ecuador, presented by Oswando Nenquimo, Waorani Resistance spokesman and Founding Member of Alianza Ceibo; the Experiences […]