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COVID-19 negligence can exterminate Indigenous peoples

By: Mario Nicacio Article originally published in Folha de S. Paulo, on April 15, 2020. Available at: 2020/04 / neglect-with-the-covid-19-can-exterminate-indigenous-peoples.shtml If the new coronavirus has been worrying the white man, one may imagine how it is for us. The Brazilian Indigenous Peoples were not only decimated by the brutality of the invader, but also by […]

Indigenous Women and Climate Crisis: Vulnerabilities and Key Contributions

By: Karina Melo The cross-cutting approach to climate change, environmental conservation and the gender agendas has only recently been addressed in academia and public policies. However, for centuries, women, mainly indigenous, traditional and rural, have played a fundamental role in the protection of nature. In addition to recognizing their contribution for the preservation of biodiversity, it […]

Indigenous youth as future leaders of change

By: Nora Sánchez  Oil extraction, monoculture, illegal hunting, mining, logging … These are some of the threats with which the indigenous youth of the Amazon grow up. With increasing frequency and power, the political and economic interests of countries and companies are put over the inhabitants of the forests, communal reserves and indigenous territories, causing deforestation, […]

The importance of an indigenous agenda for the protection of natural areas

Lessons learned at the III Latin American and Caribbean Congress on Protected Areas By: Eliana Rojas In mid-october, we were next to indigenous leaders, activists, authorities and representatives of local communities, at the III CAPLAC, in an exchange of experiences and debate for the acknowledgement and protection of protected areas. [1] Solutions for well-being and sustainable […]