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Enabling Data Sharing for Social Benefit Through Data Trusts: Data Trusts in Climate

Data and artificial intelligence have a vital role to play in helping us understand and tackle this climate crisis, from predicting extreme weather events, to improving the energy efficiency of our homes and helping to identify deforestation.  However, as with data systems at large, individuals and communities tend to have little say in how data […]

Manual for the protection of environmental defenders

This manual was developed based on the “Practical Guide for Environmental Defenders” made by the Peruvian Ministry of Environment, in order to create a new version of this guide considering a cultural adaptation oriented to the indigenous peoples of Peru. The contents of this manual were socialized with grassroots organizations of the Peruvian Amazon, and […]

Comparative report on the application of the survey KAP associated with COVID-19 in the territories of incidence of the Amazon Indigenous Health Route Project

In order to better understand the knowledge, attitudes, and practices (KAP) associated with the community approach to COVID-19 in the Amazonian territories of influence of the Amazon Indigenous Health Route Project (AIR), two KAP surveys were conducted in Ecuador, Peru (Madre de Dios Region), and Brazil (Maranhao Region). This report compares the two periods of […]

Indigenous Peoples and Access to the Justice System in Maranhão (Summary)

A study carried out by the Coordination of Indigenous Organizations of the Brazilian Amazon (Coiab) in partnership with Hivos in the framework of the All Eyes on the Amazon program, calls attention to the situation of vulnerability of Indigenous peoples in the state of Maranhão. The report entitled “Indigenous Peoples and Access to the Justice System in Maranhão” reveals […]

Ebook “New Voices of the Amazon”

We met a group of young Indigenous people from the Ecuadorian and Peruvian Amazon through the Leadership Program with Gender Sensitivity for Young Indigenous people, in the framework of the All Eyes on the Amazon program. They learned about legislation, sustainability, climate change, gender; but we learned much more through their voices and their stories. This Ebook is […]