Objective: Engage and create awareness among AEA´s local and national stakeholders from the Amazon region, especially Brazil, Ecuador, and Peru, on how satellite-based deforestation alerts, including the new GLAD-S2 and RADD alerts, and high-resolution satellite imagery, can be accessed and used to monitor and respond to illegal deforestation alerts. 

Specific Objectives:

  • Emphasize the role technology plays in strengthening land defense strategies in the Amazon, and contributing to reducing deforestation and ecosystem degradation
  • Disseminate the main features of the GLAD-S2 alerts system – as well as the other deforestation alert systems and features on Global Forest Watch – with the amazonian movement, emphasizing on improvements and practical use of it to monitor deforestation in the Amazon, and ultimately achieve sustainable forest management.
  • Extend and strengthen AEA´s network and promote the exchange of experiences and best practices on Satellite Monitoring strategies and initiatives to protect the Amazon and its people, in Brazil, Ecuador, and Peru.

Date: Thurstay June 9 – 9h30 am EC / EST / timezone 11h30 am BR timezone

Language: Spanish with simultaneous translations to Portuguese