Ebook: Without Indigenous women, there’s no future
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Ebook: Without Indigenous women, there’s no future

This photobook is a compilation of photographs and interviews with Indigenous
women from the Amazon Basin with special emphasis on leaders from Ecuador,
Peru, and Brazil, carried out by Hivos within the framework of the All Eyes on
the Amazon program, during the Indigenous Women’s Marches in Brasilia (2019,
2021) and other virtual and face-to-face exchange spaces.

Through these images and quotes, we seek to amplify the voices, perspectives,
dreams, and strategies of Indigenous women to respond to the threats
faced by Indigenous peoples in the Amazon, revitalize the role of women in
the preservation of culture and the care of the territory, and unite between
countries, nationalities, and cultures to strengthen the processes of land defense
in the Amazon Basin.

Although the perspectives expressed by the women cited in this book merit
further analysis and deepening, their words serve as an inspiration to strengthen
collective efforts to protect the Amazon and the rights of the Indigenous
peoples who call it home.